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Tandem Skydive $249.00
Has to be prepaid and can't be used on the same day. NO REFUNDS.

Pictures: $79
Video: $89
Pictures and Video: $109



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Skydiving over Lake Powell

Learning to skydive is a uniquely thrilling experience allowing anyone in reasonably good health the opportunity to momentarily “escape the surly bonds of earth.” And skydiving over spectacular Lake Powell is as good as it gets!

Skydive Lake Powell specializes in first-time tandem jumping, which is the easiest, fastest, and SAFEST way to make your first skydive. After 20 minutes of training, you will be securely attached to one our experienced instructors and ready to go. The view is just as breathtaking as the jump. Our instructors are USPA certified, have years experience, have done thousands of skydives, and are some of the most talented tandem instructors in the country.

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Why jump with us?

Skydive Lake Powell is the premier place to skydive in Page. We offer spectacular views and the thrilling rush of jumping out of an airplane. We look forward to taking you on your first tandem jump.

Our airplane is a Cessna 182 with a FAA approved jump door.

Skydive Lake Powell is located at the Page Airport, 238 10th Ave., Page, AZ.

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